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2020 Coaching Announcement

2020 Coaching Announcement

We are excited to announce the start of our our coaching lineup for the 2020 club season.  We have some exciting changes in store that will benefit multiple teams, across all age groups, and ability levels in our club.  

18- Premier - Kim Cherniss, Maikel Bastida

18-Select - Steve Gazzaniga, Amy GAzzaniga

18-Gold - Josh Smith

17-Premier - Wayne White, Mike Gutierrez

17-Select - Brett Massetti, Tyler Trathen

17- Gold - Samantha Middleborn

16-Premier -Danny Scott, Robert Vansant, Nathan Smith

16-Select - Maikel Bastida, Dave Rubio

16-Gold - Vinnie Dinh, Tyler Trathen

16-Silver - Bill Beloro

15- Premier- Vinnie Dinh

15-Select - Trish Vansant

15-Gold - Angel Posada

15-Silver - Brett Massetti

14- Premier - Shannon Glover,  Angel Posada

14-Select - Katie Kinser, Hannah Nua

14-Gold - Teri James

14-Silver - Angel Sprankles

13-Premier - Kimo

13-Select - Mike Fink

13-Gold - Natasha Mills-Nales

12-Premier - Lailani Maile

12-Select Black- Alexis Cardoza

12-Select Blue - Nathan Smith